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Our story

When I was growing up in the mountains of WV my grandpa George Payne was a gun trader and I often tagged along with him. 

He loved everything about guns and he put his heart and soul into them. I learned a lot from him and have passed those skills down to my son’s, Chase and Brandon, and my wife Amanda. 

We are all gun fanatics! It’s a family thing! Hence the name, “Family Tradition Firearms“.

Grandpa passed away long before I decided to open this business, but I can imagine him looking down and feeling very proud.


At Family Tradition Firearms, we consider guns a family affair. We are a family owned and operated business. When you come to us looking for guns or if you’re needing gunsmithing services, we treat you like family. 

As avid gun enthusiasts, we are engaged in 2A culture and are proud supporters of the NRA. We are dedicated to hunters, shooters, collectors, etc… and yes, even gun newbies. Whatever you need we are here to help!

We strive to provide our customers with excellent quality of service. We are an FFL dealer and gunsmith you can trust.

Westley Payne,
Family Tradition Firearms, LLC